Located in Anthony Florida, Thunder Ranch is the home away from the racetrack for Midwest Thoroughbreds horses.

Situated on 170 acres, Thunder Ranch can house 120 horses within its stalls along with providing 24 outdoor paddocks to turn out horses that need a rest or have been retired to the farm.

Run by trainer Carlos Gonzales and assistant Ricardo Quinones, Thunder Ranch not only holds those horses which are retired and resting, but is also a full service training facility as we prepare horses for their return to the track.

Thunder Ranch has a 6 ½ furlong, lighted training track which includes a starting gate where horses jog, gallop and work daily.

For those horses returning to training off either rest or injury, Thunder Ranch has one of only three state-of-the-art aquatic training facilities currently in the United States. The pool provides a low impact environment in which horses can exercise as they prepare to return to training. Unlike swimming a horse, the design allows the horses’ feet to remain on the ground, providing them safe footing while allowing for water resistence.

Thunder Ranch also has five walking machines where horses are able to stretch their legs daily.